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Your top questions

Check out frequently asked questions, or reach out, if you have any more questions about your stay.


Will I still have to pay the rent if I am going home for the holidays, or if I am leaving before my contract ends?

You are obligated to pay the rent and consumptions in the whole rent period of 6 months.

Can I sublet my room to someone else?

The room may only be occupied by the tenant. The room must not be rented out to someone else.

May I smoke in my room?

Smoking is prohibited indoors in all Kamtjatka, in the rented as well as the apartment common areas and communal areas. Smoking is allowed outside.

Are pets allowed?

It is not allowed to keep pets. The ban also applies, for example, to fish and reptiles.

Is there a TV in the room?

There is no TV in the rooms, but there is free WI-FI

Will I have access to Wi-Fi?

There is free WI-FI in all Kamtjatka.

Does my accommodation offer parking facilities?

There is free parking for residents of Kamtjatka.

My parents came to drop me off, can they stay at the accommodation for one night?

You need to contact the office when you have overnight guests, some of the rooms can be small and it needs to be okay with your roommate. We can offer a room for 250 per person per night.

Where do I report any issues with my accommodation once I have arrived?

Come by the office or write a mail to

Will I get cleaning and laundry services?

No, you will need to do your own Cleaning and Laundry.

In order to keep the apartments in a good condition, cleaning must be done frequently. How you and your roommate decide to arrange things between you is not our business, but if cleaning is not done on a regular basis, Kamtjatka will order a cleaning company to do it and send the invoice to the tenants.

Does my accommodation offer meals?

No, there are no meals incorporated in the rent, there is a fully functional kitchen in your apartment.


May I change/cancel my booking? What happens when I cancel?

You have the option to cancel your booking under the following conditions:

  • If you cancel within 14 days of the order being placed, the entire amount will be refunded.

Otherwise, the following applies.

  • If you cancel more than 30 days before arrival “start date of the contract”, you will get the full amount except for an administration fee of 500.- DKK.
  • If you cancel less than 30 days and more than 14 days before arrival “start date of the contract”, you will get half of the amount refunded.
  • If you cancel less than 14 days before arrival “start date of the contract”, you lose the entire paid amount.

If you are already a resident of Kamtjatka, you must cancel your contract with at least 3 months´ notice until 31 January or 31 July.

May I change the start and end dates of my tenancy?

The start and end of the contract will always be 1st of February to 31st of July and 1st of august to 31st of January.

Which documents do I need to bring with me?

You are required to bring valid ID and two printed copies of the Danish contract.

Can I view the property before booking?

We can arrange that you can have a look at the area, but we cannot guarantee that you can see the room you want, if we still have students living there.

Can I book the same accommodation as my friend? Is there a discount on group bookings?

The best way is to find an apartment where there are 2 rooms and then book it at the same time on the website. There is no group discount.

What is a security deposit?

It is our financial security to cover any damage done to the rental property or if there are errors and omissions.

What are my payment options?

You can pay by card at the office, by online link in the invoice or by a bank transfer.

What items will be included in my start package?

Pillow, duvet, linen, and sheets

I am not a student. Can I book with you?

It is a condition of the tenancy that the tenant is an active student. At the landlord's request, the tenant must provide documentation that the tenant is enrolled in a study.

How do I book my accommodation?

The best way is to do it here on the website if you are a first-time tenant. If you already live in Kamtjatka, you will need to contact the office.

Living in Kamtjatka:

Can I do a checkout and stay in the room until I have to leave?

When the checkout inspection is complete, you are required to hand over the key and leave the apartment with all your belongings.

When I leave, can I use the deposit to pay the rent?

No, it is our financial security to cover if there is damage to the rental property or if there are errors and omissions.

What do I do with the start package when I leave?

If you do not wish to take the start package with you, please leave it in the basement of Kamtjatka Block 8. We will then donate it to charity.

Do I need to clean the room/apartment before I leave?

It is your responsibility to clean your room, bathroom, kitchen, and common areas. This includes vacuuming and washing all floors, cleaning cabinets, oven, drawers and panels, cleaning windows frames and windows on the inside as well as all doors on both sides and clean the shower drain for hair.

If the cleaning is not done properly, a cleaning company will be asked to do it and you will be charged accordingly.

How can I book a checkout of the room, and when?

Information will be sent out when it is time for you to checkout. Always come by the office if you have any questions.

How long will the checkout take?

The checkout will last 30 minutes.

What do I do if I accidentally break something?

If that happens then come by the office or contact us at

Lost or broken keys?

Broken keys can be replaced at the office. You will be charged for the replacement key, currently 450 DKK. If the key is broken inside the lock, a locksmith will be called and you will be charged the related cost.
If you lose a key, we will need to recode the locks. You will be charged the related cost, currently 2.600 DKK.
For calls outside of normal working hours regarding lost or broken keys, you will be charged a service fee of 400 DKK.

How do I pay the rent?

You will be paying for the following month so you will receive an invoice around the 24th of the month you are in. Due date will be the 3rd in the following month, and payment must be done timely to avoid extra cost and ultimately eviction.
Payment options will be showed on the invoice, there will be 3 ways to pay.

Online payment – there is a 3D security so make sure your credit card is set up for that.

Bank transfer – keep in mind that it can take up to 3 business days so make sure to pay before the due date.

Credit card payment at the office – you can come by the office and pay with credit card.  

When do I need to pay the rent?

Due date will be the 3rd in the following month, and payment must be done timely to avoid extra cost and ultimately eviction.

When will I get the deposit back?

Final settlement of your account will take up to 6 weeks after your contract expired.

Can I rent or store a bike?

No bike for rent.

Is there a parking spot for my car at Kamtjatka?

There is free parking for residents of Kamtjatka.

How do I use the laundry room?

There are laundry room available in Kamtjatka.

Laundry chip must be purchased in the Kamtjatka office. Cash payment only.

Refill on the washing chip is Danish cash only. 

You will need to bring your own soap.

No cashback or refund from the laundry chip.

How can I use the shared kitchen?

You will need to come by the office and book a time.

Do you have supplies for cleaning?

Cleaning products you buy yourself - vacuum cleaner and floor mob you can borrow at the office.

What do I do with the trash?

We sort our trash into cardboard, metal & glass, food, and residual waste.

Can I have visitors in my room?

Yes, but you need to clear it with your roommate.

Can I have overnight guests in my room?

With the landlord´s prior consent, in special cases it may be permitted to have overnight guests for a short period.

Can I bring friends to the Gym?

No. You are not allowed to bring anyone who does not live in Kamtjatka to use the fitness room.

How do I get to Kamtjatka from the train station?

You can take a taxi, or it is only a 15 minutes’ walk from the train station, the entrance to Kamtjatka is from Slotsgade.

Where do I find the office?

Arriving from Slotsgade, you will need to go past the parking lot and up the stairs until you see the blue signs saying office.

When is the office open?

Office hours are Monday to Thursday 08:00-15:00 Friday 08:00-14:00.

Do I need to bring the contract?

You are required to bring two printed copies of the Danish vorsion of the contract, we will need one hard copi here at the office and you will need one for the danish social security number.

How do I get in contact with the office?

You can call on +45 35100068 or write to

How do I get to Kamtjatka from the airport?

You can take a bus from Billund airport to Vejle, and the train from Vejle station to Horsens station.

From Kastrup airport, there will be a direct train to Horsens station.


Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions regarding your stay.

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