About Kamtjatka

Kamtjatka is a student house with flats and rooms situated downtown in Horsens which offers a wide range of educational institutions.

Kamtjatka is a small student village with 329 tenancies, flats as well as rooms, for international and Danish students. A student village with a young, charming and international environment.


  • Central location – with only few minutes’ walk to the pulsating heart of the town, lots of cafés, restaurants, shopping possibilities and discotheques – and with a short distance to VIA University College, Campus Horsens.
  • Cosy courtyard and activities – lots of common activities, inside as well as outside in the large cosy courtyard equipped with tables, benches and protective planting.
  • International sense of community – inspiring to the creation of an international sense of community among many students across borders – an obvious basis for the formation of new friendships.
  • Charming and cosy – an established student house and youth village since 2009 following an extensive rebuilding of the old BTU. A charming and cosy combination of old and new buildings.
  • Fully furnished accommodation – 329 student tenancies classified in 6 categories. All flats and rooms are fully furnished and have free wireless internet.


Kamtjatka, a historical name

– named after the famous explorer Vitus Bering, who was born in Horsens. During two Kamtjatka expeditions in the period 1725-43 Vitus Bering discovered the ocean between Asia and USA.