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Kamtjatka is cooperating with Drosselbo, who undertakes administration and hiring out of student accommodation/flats affiliated to VIA University College, Campus Horsens.

All booking is made through Drosselbo – go directly to booking of your new student accommodation in the centre of the town by using the link below – but start by reading the guide to booking at the bottom of this page!


Sådan bestiller du bolig hos Kamtjatka

  • Select a flat:
    To make sure that you get the correct accommodation to meet your requirements you will have to choose whether you would like to stay in a shared flat with shared bathroom and kitchen. If this is the case select “private room” under the tab “room type”. If you are interested in a shared flat with shared bedroom select “shared room ”under the tab “room type”.
    NOTE! Kamtjatka recommends this solution for couples or small families.
  • Select Kamtjatka:
    To make sure that you become a part of the active youth environment of Kamtjatka select “Kamtjatka” under the tab “Campus”.booking
  • Select room:
    Now you are going to select the room you would like to stay in. It may, however, be difficult to see which kind of room you will get – therefore look at the number of the flat you have selected and compare it with the room numbers listed in the blue bar shown in one side of the sub-pages describing the flats on this page (“category A”, “category B” etc.).vaelgvaerelse
  • Complete booking:
    When you have found the flat you would like to book, click “select” and your booking will be made.